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All JNC Premier Pitches fencing and netting products and manufactured at our plant in Cashel Co. Tipperary. The product is then transferred to our powder coating plant where it is treated with a specialised spray to add colour to your project. Product is then transferred to site and installed using JNC Premier Pitches direct employee which ensures an excellent standard. JNC Premier Pitches offer a long term warranty on their workmanship when it comes to pitches.

Our netting system is superior to competitors as we use a specialised JNC straining system on a twin wire compared to a single wire system which often results in net tears.

We offer a wide range of fence height from 1.2m spectator rail right up to 3m high pitch perimeter fencing.

The JNC Spectator Pitch Surround for all field sports is truly in a league of its own, the range can be broken down into three main categories depending on application required. 

With a typical height of 1.20 metre’s you can choose from standard JNC Double-beam panel (8/6/8 or 6/5/6), JNC Full Rebound Panel (recommended) or select from our standard range of JNC Resista/Premier/Supreme (3.0m wide). If your sport is hockey a kicker/rebound board can be installed under the panel to enhance the lifetime of your fence. Add the top rail and you have a fence that is safe, practical and secure and will serve you club’s purpose for years to come. We can offer you the option of powder-coating in your club colours and a full gate range is available to match.

The rigid JNC Double-beam Panel and Double-beam Sports Panel gives excellent solutions for sports facilities and replaces the need for the traditional Wisa Board rebound panel. The 2.4m high option is usually preferred for pitch perimeter fencing.

Double horizontal wires ensure that the system is especially suited to high impact situations such as five-a-side, hockey, hurling or school and Council playgrounds.

Double-beam Fencing

Our panel’s are supplied fully welded resulting in quick, safe, and simple installation. JNC Sports Surround System can be installed up to 6.0 metres + in height. Brackets or full-length clamp strips can be used to give a safe, secure and vandal resistant fixing. With the JNC sports panel, the mesh aperture allowed on the first 1.20m is 66*50mm increasing to 200*50 for the remainder. The wire diameter on our panel is 8mm double horizontal and 6mm vertical. The smaller apertures on the bottom 1.2m section of the Sport Rebound panel provide the strength required to take constant impact and is a better option than the older methods such as wisa board.

Ballstop Netting

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