JNC Premier Pitches offer the ability to cut, lift and fold the “old” carpet using a specialist machine which will remove the sand and rubber infill which can be recycled into the new carpet or used for maintenance (quality permitting). The “old” carpet can then be sold for domestic use in gardens or to other clubs for play areas or in front of hurling walls etc.

The SMG Turf Mucher is the only one of it’s kind operated in Ireland. It ensures that the old carpet is lifted neatly and safely without any damage to the pitch base. This method is safer to the pitch base than more conventional methods where old carpet is removed using a teleporter or digger.

Stages of refurbishment:

Stage 1: The old astro turf is cut at 2m intervals to allow the Turf Muncher to extract the existing carpet:

Stage 2: The Turf Muncher collects the carpet into easily transportable 2m wide rolls while removing the sand and rubber infill allowing recycling and reuse of the old materials for a range of different activities.

Turf Muncher- After the infill is removed, the empty turf is accumulated in a tightly wound roll on the back of the machine and transported off site:

Stage 3: The sand and rubber infill is removed into tonne bags for transport, recycling or reuse.

Take a look at our refurbishment PDF brochure which reviews the refurbishment of Kilmallock AFC in Limerick and the end result of using the SMG Turf Removal system.

Also take a look at our full size Hockey Pitch refurbishment and resurfacing promotional video at Dublin’s Pembrooke Wanderer’s Hockey Club.

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