JNC Premier Pitches Overview


  • Our maintenance program involves clearing the pitch of all debris and treating the perimeter for weed, moss and algae build up.

  • All grass seams/joints, netting and fencing are checked for wear and tear and repaired depending on the client contract.

  • The surface is cleaned, aerated and brushed using an oscillating rotatory brush and specialist pitch vacuum to clear small debris such as cigarette butts, gum and loose gravel.

  • Infill levels are measured and topped up if required.

  • A mechanical tine brush is used to work the new infill back into the pitch to revive some of that new pitch feel.

  • Infill measures are re-taken to ensure they are at adequate levels for ball bounce, grip and playing performance.

  • We then report to the client with advice on what is required to maintain the pitch going forward and any further action that needs to be undertaken to extend the pitch lifespan and performance.

All large pitch debris is cleared and all netting and fencing checked for faults.

A depth gauge is used to record infill levels. From this we are able to determine the required infill top up. Grass seams (joints) are also checked for any potential faults

The surface is cleaned aerated and brushed using an oscillating rotatory brush and specialist pitch vacuum to collect any smaller debris. New rubber may be introduced back into the pitch to revive grip, ball bounce and softness bringing back some of that new pitch feel.



  • Moss Algae Weeds – Moss and algae require specialist treatment normally using specific chemicals and techniques to remove residues. The advice of the installing company should be sought at an early stage if the problem occurs.

  • Logbook – Clients should keep a logbook as a method of recording the maintenance and usage of the field. Typical logbooks will allow the owner to record the routine maintenance times, operatives, machinery used, including pitch usage.

  • Pitch Cleaning – When a pitch begins to show signs of significant compaction and accumulation of debris, we use specialist machines that are capable of removing a proportion of the infill materials, cleaning and re-introducing infill back into the surface.

  • Levelling the infill – routine brushing is required by the client and is recommended every 30 hours of play.

  • Basic pitch maintenance starts with a drag brush (pictured left). This process helps maintain a uniform infill level and keeps grass fibres upright through regular use.

  • We can also provide pitch boot cleaners which can be installed at the pitch entrance. Regular use of boot cleaners reduces the amount of unwanted debris brought onto the pitch by players.


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