Shock pads

A shock pad is a middle layer of padding installed between the sub-base layer and the layer of artificial turf. Shock pads (not to be confused with rigid, plastic drainage layers) are made from different types of foam with varying thicknesses.

Shock pad Installation

As the synthetic grass market develops, clients are looking for more realistic looking playing conditions. The installation of a shockpad allow JNC Premier Pitches to meet this need.

The Astro Shock pad is fully porous, can be easily interlocked into place, comes in (2 x 1m) sheets and reduces impact which is especially important among developing athletes vulnerable to injury and concussion.

Shockpad installation at Inagh Kilnamona (pictured above)

Shock pads are considered one of the most important components of a complete artificial turf system. Shock pads, when combined with high-quality turf and SBR rubber infill will add comfort to the user, prolong the life of the synthetic turf and add a layer of cushion for the users.

Ultimately the shock pad layer adds a safety feature while creating a softer and more realistic surface.

Injury Prevention

Not only do shock pads add to the playing experience but they are specifically made with safety in mind. They are made to absorb the shock of an impact, creating a safer surface for all types of play. When shock pads are a part of a turf system, impact is reduced and turf and pad systems can reach critical fall heights up to fourteen feet which is important for player welfare.

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